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How to express Love to Your Partner

¿Looking for ways to express love to your partner? I’m so glad you are here.

Because I know it is worth spending time and effort to make your partner feel loved.

Don’t be one of those people who say “but she already knows that I love her” or “if I didn’t love my partner, I wouldn’t be with him”.

Making your partner happy by showing your love and affection is a very effective way of keeping the relationship healthy. 

How to find ways to express love to your partner: A practical exercise


Before I share the list I’ve compiled, I’d like to propose a simple exercise

Simple but it will provide you with a wealth of information and methods for expressing love.

Let’s get started!

Take a moment to think about the people you’re certain love you, and try to pinpoint how they demonstrate their affection towards you.

Consider one, two, or more specific individuals.

Think of their first names and last names.

Visualize them.

Do you have them in mind?

What actions of theirs make you feel loved?

How do they treat you?

What do they do that makes you feel special?

During which moments and situations do you feel their love most profoundly?

I’m confident you’ve identified numerous small gestures that not only make you feel loved but will also help you select those that could work for you and your partner.

As a general rule, our partners will feel cherished and accepted when these gestures foster a warm yet relaxed atmosphere.

So now that you’ve started your own list of ways to express love to your partner, let me share with you some other ideas.

49 different and creative ways to express love to your partner


  1. With a kiss
  2. Listen attentively when they speak.
  3. Ask about their day.
  4. Compliment something you like about their appearance.
  5. Wear their favorite cologne or perfume.
  6. Cook their favorite meal.
  7. Share a secret with them.
  8. Give them a massage.
  9. Engage in physical activities together: walk, run, swim, rollerblade, or cycle.
  10. Look through photos from your first trip together to reminisce.
  11. Send a mid-morning message.
  1. Leave a note somewhere they look every day.
  2. Take care of the children to give them some space.
  3. Smile often.
  4. Help your partner maintain their resolutions.
  5. Express admiration for them.
  6. Play their favorite music in the morning.
  7. Surprise them with flowers.
  8. Invite them for a walk in a serene place.
  9. Discuss each other’s favorite books or movies.
  10. Offer an extra dose of patience.
  11. Watch a romantic movie, even if it’s not your favorite genre.
  1. Whisper a song in their ear.
  2. Do something you know they love.
  3. End the day with a goodnight kiss.
  4. Show interest in their concerns, no matter how trivial they seem.
  5. Turn off distractions and give them your undivided attention.
  6. Reminisce about challenges you’ve overcome together.
  7. Dream and plan for the future together.
  8. Organize a surprise date.
express love to your partner
  1. Join them in an activity you’re not fond of but they love.
  2. Speak to them with affection.
  3. Host a dinner party with friends.
  4. Make them laugh.
  5. Walk hand in hand.
  6. Support them during tough times.
  7. Go dancing together.
  8. Remember their favorite grocery items.
  9. Cover them with a blanket if they fall asleep on the couch.
estilos deseo sexual
  1. Show them you desire them.
  2. Embrace them with a long, loving hug.
  3. Make time for them, regardless of your schedule.
  4. Save the last bite of your treat for them.
  5. Let them have the TV remote.
  6. Flirt with them.
  7. Praise them in public.
  8. Be punctual.
  9. Follow through on your commitments.
  10. Say “I love you” while looking into their eyes.
ver la vida de color de rosa

Did you discover new ways to express your love to your partner?


I hope so!

If you’re seeking a more personalized approach because your relationship is facing challenges, or if you’ve found yourselves in a rut for months, I’m here to assist.

Whether you’re looking for a couple’s psychologist online or an English speaking couple’s therapist in Barcelona, you can count on my expertise.

Having read this far, would you like to contribute to this list?

Please send me an email sharing how you express love or how you prefer love to be shown to you.

Let’s aim to expand this list to 100!

por Patricia Maguet Levy

por Patricia Maguet Levy

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Specialized in Clinical Psychology, recognized by the Ministry of Education. Additionally, I completed a master's degree in family therapy, focusing on couples therapy in recent years.

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