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My experience has taught me that the desire to have a partner and a family and to support them is common to much of the world, yet relationships are complex and difficult and all too often become a source of suffering and discomfort. At the moment separations and divorces are so frequent that it seems that having a positive and happy couple or family relationship is really difficult. This is precisely why my specialty is to learn from the best experts and from the couples and families that manage to do so to help you find solutions that work.

My work as a couple and family psychologist consists of adapting the tools that my profession offers to each of the families that consult me. I can achieve it by listening to you with an open heart, without judging you, acknowledging you and transmitting my empathy. If you allow us to accompany you, we will build a positive and secure bond and weave a new story of your life and your difficulties, which will allow you to go from feeling like a trapped victim with no way out to being the protagonist, hero or heroine of your life, with enough power to make small changes that will change the course of your life.

Tell me, how can we help you?

If both you and your partner agree to seek help, this is what we can offer you:


We have doubts about the future of the relationship

If you’re at a point where you’re not clear about whether it’s possible to save your relationship, the couples’ orientation can help you.

We don't understand each other, we need help

If you bet on your relationship but realize that you need help, couples’ therapy is the right thing for you.

We want to get a good divorce

If you think you have arrived from a new stage and you are worried about how to do it for you and the children, we offer you orientation in the divorce.

Family Psychology

If it’s your family relationships you’re worried about, here’s what we can offer:

I'm worried about my family

When you are concerned about your children or the relationship with other members of your family such as your parents, your in-laws… family therapy is your best ally

We need help to talk

If you have differences with a family member or need help talking about certain issues or reaching agreements, family mediation can help.

Divorce and children

Dealing with a separation when there are children is not easy. If you don’t know how to tell them, or you need help to manage the separation, family therapy can help you.

Individual Psychology

If you are looking for individual support, I will give you some examples of situations in which I can help you. If they match what you need, please fill in the form below and as soon as we receive your details we will contact you to give you all the information you need or to arrange a visit for you.

I'm looking for help with a relationship problem.

If your partner does not want to come to therapy, asking for individual help for you may be a good option.

I can't get over the divorce

The decision to divorce has already been made and you are finding it difficult to accept it, to feel good again, to assimilate everything that has happened, to begin to imagine what your life will be like from now on…


Do I split or not?

Do you feel on the verge of breaking up but have doubts: do you bet on your relationship to keep the family together or do you bet on the separation to be able to start a new life?

These are just a few examples of situations where couples therapy can help you. Click here to learn more about counseling and individual therapy.

Asking for help is the best way to move forward

In my more than 20 years of professional experience, I have accompanied hundreds of families and I can tell you that 80% of the people who work with me, in a very short time feel happier and more satisfied with their relationship.

Whether you like individual attention, working as a couple or with your family, getting started is the best way to leave behind the loops, the dead ends, the tension, the discomfort…

The look of an external psychotherapist, his professional evaluation will help you to find the solutions that you cannot find on your own at this moment.

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