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Surely you hadn’t thought that you could do couples therapy online, however new technologies are here to make life easier for us and also to help you improve your relationship. In the same way that in individual online therapy both the psychologist and the patient are in front of the screen, in online couples therapy, it will be you two who get in front of the computer, mobile phone or tablet to get started.

At this time when we are living between confinement and “new normal” because of covid-19, this is now your best option.

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Online couples therapy, when is it useful?

But online therapy is not only an option in times of coronavirus. There are many reasons why you can opt for this type of therapy, especially if you cannot travel to our office in Barcelona or El Vendrell. Look at some examples of situations where online couples therapy is ideal:

– If you want to hire our services but you live far away
– If you have little time available and prefer to save on travel.
– If you are not able to leave your children with someone, you can do the therapy online from home when they are asleep.
– If you want a 100% guarantee that the treatment will be confidential
– If one of the two suffers from a disease such as a physical disability or multiple chemical sensitivity that complicates your movements.
– If one of you is afraid of open spaces or any other psychological problem that makes it difficult to come in person.
– If each member of the couple is in a different place, because platforms like Skype allow us to make three-way calls easily.

What do you need for online couples therapy?

We can easily connect via mobile phone, tablet or computer. It depends on the type of device you have and with which you feel more comfortable although it is important that it has a camera so that we can see each other.

On the other hand you will need an internet connection, the better its quality the less cuts in communication we can have but nowadays most companies offer a service good enough .

You need to install the free Skype software or use Google Hangouts, Whatsapp video, Zoom… there are many alternatives and I’m sure we’ll find the one that suits you.

Another important requirement, which has nothing to do with technology, is that during the sessions you should be in a quiet environment, where you feel that you can express yourself freely and calmly without having to worry about outside noise or whether anyone can hear you.

If you are here, maybe you feel that...

If you identify with these situations, you are in the right place. Here you will find solutions that work.

How do I know if we need online couples therapy?

In order to know when it is time to ask for professional help, you can be guided by the situations in your daily life in which you resort for the help of someone from the outside. There are three scenarios in which I recommend that you start a couples therapy:

This is what I offer you if you work with me...

  1. You will find a cozy place where you can express what happens to you, how you feel and what you need with no fear of being judged, criticized or attacked.
  2. You will start to realize that there are different ways to approach what is happening to you which will shed light on your difficulties, and which will help you find out where you can find the exit.
  3. Very soon you will notice little changes which will provide the home’s atmosphere with calmness and serenity and which will allow you to make decisions more peacefully and quietly.

This is the right time to start your online couple therapy

Remember that 80% of people who start this type of couples therapy improve compared to those who do not ask for help.

My method of Marriage Counseling is different

Couples therapy has usually been limited to face-to-face sessions with the psychologist. I know that you need to change things as soon as possible because being in a borderline situation makes you feel bad and doesn’t let you enjoy your life. And I know that between one session and the next you can make progress if I guide you and offer you the material and information you need.

With me the therapy has a beginning and an end and from the beginning we will define the schedule of the sessions so that you can organize yourself better. This way you don't risk an endless treatment.

The sessions are biweekly and you will participate together in the visits that take about an hour and a half. So that you don't get the feeling that you haven't been able to advance.

The therapy is intensive and shorter than it is in other places. The results come so fast because I know you need changing things as soon as possible and I don’t want your pain lasts more than necessary.

With my method you will find the necessary tools to get out of the situation of crisis, stagnation, tension and suffering that you have been living for a long time.

What do you have to do to start online therapy?

The steps to follow are the same as for face-to-face couples therapy. Fill in this short form now with the information requested and I will contact you so that we can have the first free visit as soon as possible.

You’ve already taken the first step, you’ve moved on so that things don’t go on as they are now. It is normal for you to feel nervous or uneasy about what is going to happen during the sessions, about having to talk about your intimacy with someone you don’t know or about fearing what might come out. I know this and I am aware of it. My aim is to accompany you in this process and to make you feel comfortable, in a safe environment, with the confidence that nothing you say or feel is going to come out outside the four walls of the office.
You will be in good hands, or at least in my hands, which will take care of you so that the whole journey is as pleasant and useful as possible. See you very soon…

Maybe you are asking yourself some of these questions...

Couples therapy is a type of therapy that can be done by specialist psychologists, with the main objective of solving the difficulties that you are experiencing in your relationship.

Anytime you feel blocked and you want to go forward, the support of a psychologist who is specialized in couples, can be key. Maybe you have a temporary problem or maybe you are facing a critical situation for a while. According to my experience, I know that as soon you start up as fast you can get rid of the hard times and take back your well-being.

I work with heterosexual couples as well as with homosexual couples. I look after multicultural couples, couples with a big age gap, re-built couples who live or not with sons/daghter from former relationships, couples with long-distance relationships….  If what concerns you is your couple relationship and what you can do in order to make it stop being a source of pain, then you can work with me.


For sure you have seen, more han once, some images of a psychological therapy in movies or in TV fiction. I don’t use a divan and my first goal is getting to know you more deeply.  This is why we will talk about what mostly makes you feel worried at this time and about how you have made the decision of searching for help. It will also be very important to find out what you have been trying so far in order to solve your differences with the aim of clarifying what did not work properly. With all this information we will be able to understand what is going on and we can start to seek new ways to face it.

The most ambitious goal of couples therapy is to help you build trust in each other. That the trust that you’ve probably had at other moments in your relationship. The trust that will make you feel that your relationship is solid, that you are friends again and that you can enjoy your sexual intimacy.

The trust that lets you know that you can count on each other, that you have unconditional mutual support. In short, it’s all about overcoming turbulent times to enjoy a healthier and happier relationship.

It is something usual that one of the two is more convinced than the other one about the need of seeking professional support. I am aware that you build together your couple relationship and if both of you take part with common goals, it will be easier that you can make progress.

Anyway this doesn’t mean that only one is not able to trigger changes so, if your partner doesn’t want to come, don’t worry about that and start youself.

The most important point is do not letting go your concerns and start up to build the relationship you need.

However this doesn’t mean that one is not capable of triggering change so if your partner doesn’t want to come, don’t worry and start yourself. The important thing is not to let go of your worries and move on so that you can create the relationship you need.

According to my experience, I can tell you that we can deduce that if both of you are willing to turn little changes up, 12 sessions will be enough in order to produce relevant changes. Keeping in mind the fact that the sessions are biweekly,  this means a period which lasts about 6 months.

The several investigations we looked up, indicate to us that 80% of the couples who attend, are able to improve their level of satisfaction in their couple relationship, therefore the answer is yes.

Do you want to meet me before you decide?

I offer you a first free visit so you can meet me in person. You will be able to explain me what is happening to you in order to evaluate if my method can help you and I will give you more details about how it works and I will be able to solve all your doubts which you feel like setting out to me.

If you tried many things and you don’t go forward, if you thought time could fix everything and you are realizing that it doesn’t, if you feel it’s time to ask for help, don’t think about it anymore. The best time to start giving a turn to your relationship is now.
In my more than 20 years of professional experience, I accompanied hundreds of couples and I can tell you that the 80% of the people who work with me, in a short period of time, feel happier and more satisfied with their relationship.

What will you get from online couples therapy?

More than 500 people have trusted me.
These are their testimonies

Here's a bit more about me

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Hi, I’m Patricia Maguet, clinical psychologist specializing on couples and family therapy.

I started studying psychology in 1987, motivated by the unhappiness caused by family problems. This is also why I decided to specialize professionally as a family and couples therapist.

More than 25 years of professional experience that I have behind me, I have been able to see time and time again how healthy relationships and family relationships are synonymous with a life free of anguish, suffering, guilt…

The relationships you establish with those you care about most and of course with yourself are the key to feeling good. That’s why I think it’s worth helping you to enjoy your partner and family again.

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