My own method of couples therapy

Patricia Maguet Levy

I’m Patricia Maguet, a clinical psychologist specializing in relationships. After more than 25 years of professional experience and studying the best experts at an international level, I have developed my own method of couple’s therapy. A way of working based on those strategies that have been proven to work and that will help you find the solutions you need to improve your relationship.

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If so, I imagine you are concerned about whether he or she speaks and understands the language well enough.
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What is my own method of couple’s therapy based on


There are no normal couples, no standard solutions alike for everyone. Your partner and your situation are unique and I will treat you as such.


Couples therapy doesn’t have to be long. Very big changes can be achieved in a few sessions and therefore with a smaller investmen.


There are skills and ways of looking at difficulties that can be learned and they are part of my work methodology. As you acquire them, they will give an incredible and positive turn to your life and your relationship.


If you have good guidance and the necessary material, you can continue to work with your partner between sessions.


Solution-oriented couples therapy works in 80% of the cases.

Patricia Maguet trabajando

In my case I’ll tell you that we’ve been in therapy for almost a month now and we’re doing pretty well. To our surprise we have already commented twice, we are both pleasantly surprised by the fact that we have been getting along well for almost a month, with a pleasant coexistence… The trip we made with the girl was great and gave us a lot of life, at least for me. So I thank you very much, I think this time we are putting everything on our side and it shows. I hope that the therapies we have left will help us a little more and 2019 will be the beginning and consolidation of a good future between us. Thank you and congratulations again!


My method of Marriage Counseling is different

In most centers, couples therapy is limited to face-to-face sessions with the psychologist. know that you need to change things as soon as possible because being in this loop, in a borderline situation, makes you suffer, many times prevents you from concentrating and does not let you enjoy your life as you would like. That’s why I know that we can’t limit our work to what happens in the sessions but that you and your partner need to keep moving forward at home. With my own method of couple’s therapy, we provide you with the material and training you need. My Own Solution-Oriented Couple’s Therapy Method will help you find the solutions you need, learn new ways of communicating and have more tools to reinforce confidence and commitment. In this program, fruit of my more than 25 years of experience and of all that I have learned from the great masters of couples therapy recognized at international level, you will find the necessary tools to get out of the situation of crisis, stagnation, tension and in short, suffering, that you have been experiencing for some time.

How i get my own intensive method of couples therapy

See how it is step by step to work with us.



First couple session

When you book this first one-hour visit you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire separately to help us prepare for the session. 

During the session we will talk about your main concerns and about your expectations. We call you to the two of you and ask you to tell us what worries you and how we can help you.

We will assess with clinical and scientific criteria if the couple’s therapy really fits with what you need.

If it does, we will tell you more about Maguet Method and our proposal for you. Otherwise, we will give you alternatives.


Face-to-face visits or online visits

Both the face-to-face and the online couples therapy sessions last one and a half hours each.

In most of these sessions you will both participate, although it may be that on some specific occasion we will cite you separately.

Our diagnosis is not based on x-rays or analysis. But there are things we need to know to put your difficulties into context, understand them in depth and identify the changes you need to make at each stage so that your relationship can find a way out.



What do we talk about in couples therapy?

To get to know you, we will talk about your lives, your families of origin and your love story.

We will thoroughly analyze the main obstacles you are facing as well as your communication style and your way of handling conflicts
And of course we will also go deeper into your differences, how you handle them, how you would like your relationship to be, what you need to regain trust…

In addition, during the sessions you will be able to practice with our supervision the different skills that will allow you to give a positive turn to your relationship.


Our proposals between sessions

After each session we send you a link to a different website along with the password to access it.

On each page you will find a diagnostic test that will reveal unknown aspects of you and your partner.

There is also always a practical exercise with very clear instructions
You have 1 or 2 videos in which I reveal the basic skills you must learn to improve your communication, to manage conflicts successfully and to increase confidence and commitment to the relationship.

To access all this information you only need your mobile phone, your tablet or a computer and an internet connection.


Actually, going to therapy has helped me both to clarify the situation I was going through and to realize other things that I didn’t know and that were affecting me and my environment. I am very happy to have my life back and to be the one who decides how I want to live it. Don’t be afraid or ashamed, things can always be solved.



Hi, Patricia, sorry I’m late. Thank you very much for your help, it has been very very useful and interesting, at first I was a little “scared” because it was something very new for me, but I have felt very comfortable. We will keep your contact for the future and recommend you to anyone who may need it. Thank you, a hug!


Do you want to meet me before you decide?

We offer you the possibility of having a first visit in which you can explain what is happening to you so that we can assess whether my method can help you.

You will also be able to meet me personally and we will be able to answer all your questions about my own solution-oriented couples therapy method.

Don’t think twice, fill out this form and we will contact you right away to schedule your first visit. The best time to start turning your relationship around is now.

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