Family Therapy in Barcelona and El Vendrell

So that you can understand each other and feel better in a short time

The family is the source of our greatest joys and satisfactions but it often becomes the source of great worries and suffering as well.

If you are concerned about your relationship with your children, your parents, your siblings or other family members and have already tried many solutions that have not worked, family therapy can be very helpful.

What is Family Therapy?

Family psychotherapy is a branch of clinical psychology, which focuses on improving family relationships. It’s the best working strategy you can choose for:


Communicating in a safe environment where you can address difficult and thorny issues without them spilling over like at home.


Getting to understand each other and feel that you are heard and understood.


Learning how to find solutions that are good for both the couple and the rest of the family.


In short, so that you can feel at ease again together and among yourselves and feel really at home.

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What is family therapy for?

Family therapy is used to cope with relationship difficulties that arise within a family. Throughout life we know that there are a series of challenges that can put us against the ropes: going from being a couple to being parents, the adolescence of children, he relationship with political families, the illness and dependence of our parents and elders, the tensions with siblings or brothers-in-law… These are all common and typical difficulties of family relationships but sometimes they stagnate and it is difficult to find a way out to recover harmony. On these occasions, the professional help of a psychologist specializing in family therapy may be the key.

How does Family Therapy work?

Family psychology does not focus on finding fault or proving a party right. It is a form of therapy in which the focus is on family relationships rather than on a single person. Its main objective is to create a safe space between family members where communication based on empathy and mutual understanding is achieved. All of this is done with the aim of overcoming problems, leaving tension and suffering behind and making coexistence and the relationship a source of support and love once again.

Systemic family therapy starts from a fundamental and very powerful premise according to:


The more people are committed to resolving a difficult situation, the more chance there is to resolve this situation

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With this type of therapy you will manage to improve communication between you, you will learn how to deal with your conflicts in order to find negotiated solutions that are beneficial for everyone and you will put love and understanding back at the centre of your relationships..

What kind of problems can family therapy treat?

For disagreements in the education of the children

If you have children and your partner and you do not know how to agree to educate them, you may feel overwhelmed. Systemic family therapy can help you to form a team and go to one in everything that concerns your children.

The same is true if you are separated or if you have formed a reconstituted family. In these cases the challenge is greater but family therapy is the best resource to make your new family project work for everyone.

If adolescence is being difficult

Adolescence can complicate relationships and bring tension and fights at home. Communication becomes more difficult on issues that concern you, such as school, your future, pot or other drugs, cell phone or game addiction, or even violence.

Reaching agreements without discussion may seem like an impossible mission but with the right professional help you can achieve it.

If you want to get a good divorce

If your relationship has entered a crisis and you’re looking to break up well, family psychotherapy can be a resource to make the best decisions with everyone in mind.

You will learn how to communicate the decision to the children, how to accompany them so that they do not suffer from the new situation, how to respond to their doubts, what are the best arrangements for them to adapt…

When your relationship with your ex is difficult

If you are separated and have children, making the relationship with your ex as fluid and as good as possible is ideal for the sake of the children. Divorce can be very painful and leaving aside sadness and anger is not always easy and this is where family therapy can help.

If you are a couple with uncommon children

If you live with your partner and with children that are not common, you have formed a reconstituted family. In these cases there can be tensions because, as my son would say, “there are many mothers and many fathers” and the relationships are complex. To prevent the tensions from escalating, family psychotherapy is a good resource.

In case life has hit you hard

If you are faced with an illness, loss, or other unexpected change, suffering can make you unable to share the pain and cope. In these cases, systemic family therapy can help you to face difficult times together.

Maybe you are asking yourself some of these questions…

Does the whole family come to family therapy sessions?

This is one of the most common doubts and concerns that may be holding you back from asking for help. The answer is no.

The whole family does not have to come to every session but it is possible that in some sessions more than one person is called. The decision is made according to the characteristics of each family member and what you need to solve. But of course, it also depends on who is and who is not willing to participate. 

And what if someone doesn’t want to or can’t come?

As in other situations in life, one thing is ideal and another thing is what happens in the end. If someone doesn’t want to or can’t come, they don’t come.

That does not mean that we do not have him “present”, we may even save a chair for him even if it is empty. And one way or another we will make him participate, for example by asking other family members what he would think, what he would do, how he would feel…

We also sometimes write or email those who have not been present at the session if we think it is important for them to be aware of what has happened at the consultation or if we need to know their point of view. And if they cannot attend because they are far away, we can also offer them online therapy so that we do not miss out on their valuable input.

How often are the visits made?

In family psychology we usually work with fortnightly visits, that is, every other week. The reason for not doing them every other week is that after each session you will have things to think about or tasks to do at home. A week might be too short a period for you to start rehearsing new ways of relating.

However, my priority is to adapt to your needs. If the degree of anxiety or suffering is high or the conditions are right, we can also work on a weekly basis.

How long does family psychotherapy last?

Some cases can be resolved with 1-2 counseling sessions but in my experience, those families who are willing to make small changes and have at least one member who is highly motivated by therapy, achieve significant changes in an average of 10-12 sessions.

In any case with my way of working, I always try not to make the therapy last longer than necessary.

An example of family psychology

To help you better understand what this family therapy is, I’ll tell you a case that will serve as an example.

Let’s assume that the Lopez family is concerned about the behavior of their 15-year-old son because he is very rebellious and they feel guilty because they think they did a bad job as parents and they no longer know how to deal with the situation.

Most likely, in the first session we will cite a father and mother as well as their two children, this way we will have a more complete picture of what is happening. In this first session the four of them will have the opportunity to explain what is worrying them the most and above all how they have been trying to solve these problems until now:

We may call on single parents to help them form a solid team.

We can summon the young child just to be able to understand better what is happening, to give him/her the tools to manage his/her emotions better or to improve his/her communication with his/her parents.

We can invite the two brothers together to strengthen the relationship and the complicity between them or we can even call the grandparents if we believe that they are playing a very important role in this family and that their help is indispensable in dealing with the situation.

Of course the approach will be different if the parents are separated as we can understand that you do not want to attend the sessions together. Family therapy is a flexible method that starts from the fact that your family is unique and singular.

Do you have more questions?

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Where to go for couples therapy in Barcelona?

You can go to couples therapy in Barcelona at our headquarters in the Gracia district. Remember that we can also attend you in El Vendrell and of course you can also receive couples therapy online.

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