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Conflict is part of the normal life of every family. Some families have the ability to manage them, to be able to talk about them and so come to resolve them.

However, there are other families who tend to not to talk about them, who hide them, who play them down, trusting that letting time pass will be the best solution. Others can be very explosive or cut off the relationship for good instead of looking for a solution.

When a family is unable to resolve a conflict on its own but does not want to go to court, family mediation is one of the best alternatives.

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What is family mediation?

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Family mediation is a resource that emerges as an alternative to the resolution of conflicts through the courts.

We talk about family mediation in the case that the mediator intervenes in conflicts that occur between people who have a family relationship.

The main function of the mediator is to facilitate both communication in order to promote the negotiation process between the parties involved.

What is the purpose of family mediation?

Mediation allows the people involved in the conflict to assess and analyze the situation in order to find their own solutions.

The mediator makes it easier for the different parties to talk to each other, listen to each other, understand each other’s interests and needs. In this way, positions are brought closer with the aim of reaching agreements that are satisfactory to all.

It is very important for the parties to be clear that the mediator does not agree with either party. Their role is to remain neutral and to facilitate communication between the people involved, so that they can find a way out that is acceptable for all.

What are the main advantages of family mediation?

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What types of conflicts can be resolved with family mediation?

Family mediation is useful in a wide range of family conflicts, but only if a peaceful solution is sought with the help of a third party who will seek to build bridges and bring positions closer together.


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It is useful for negotiating issues related to children such as visits, pensions, school changes, extracurricular activities, holidays…

Care and attention to the elderly

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It is a good option when there are disagreements in the care of older people as with the involvement of each child, the choice of home care or residence .

Addictions, mental health, dependence...

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When there’s a family member with mental health issues, addictions or functional diversity, family mediation serves to make joint decisions.

But there are many other examples of family situations where family mediation can be helpful. Look at this example case that Núria Grau explained to us.

For example, when there are conflicts related to the distribution of a family inheritance, or when an adopted son or daughter wants to meet his or her biological parents and there is no agreement in the family. The possibilities are endless

In short, mediation is useful for any conflict that harms family relationships and that needs a negotiation process to be resolved. If you need to clarify whether mediation can be useful in your case, contact with us.

What is done in family mediation?

Pay attention to the process that is followed when starting a family mediation step by step.

1. the request is received

The process starts when the mediator is commissioned by one of the parties.

2. It is confirmed with the other parties

As mediation is a voluntary process, it is necessary to confirm that all parties want to participate.


The objective is to know the position and interests of each party to the conflict.

4. Joint sessions

When the mediator sees it convenient, the joint sessions with all the parties involved start.

5. Favourable agreements

In the joint sessions, the aim is to reach win-win agreements in which all parties achieve something of what they need.

6. Duration of agreements

The joint sessions also decide whether the agreements will be permanent or whether they will be reviewed over time.

What is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

Both mediation and arbitration are two alternative ways to try to resolve a conflict.

How many mediation sessions are needed?

The duration of the mediation process will depend on aspects such as the level of hostility or tension between the parties, the distance between the different positions, the availability of timetables…

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What professionals can mediate a conflict?

Family mediation can be carried out by professionals who are specifically trained in this type of mediation. They are mainly health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, nurses, educators… Or professionals in the field of justice such as lawyers.

When can you go to family mediation?

Whenever you are faced with a conflict in the area of family relations, you can consider a mediation process. What I recommend is that you consult with the professional family mediation expert. This way he can indicate the best time to intervene so that you can achieve positive results.

Who can request family mediation? Where can I request family mediation in barcelona?

Anyone involved in a family dispute can request mediation. If you are in Catalonia, the Generalitat offers the Family Mediation service through the Catalan Private Law Mediation Centre.

Núria Grau

Núria Grau is our specialist in Systemic Family Mediation. After more than 20 years of specialization in working with families, her training in mediation makes her the ideal professional to help you resolve the conflicts you are experiencing in your family.

Now that you know that time does not resolve conflicts but often makes them worse, get going and book your visiting time.

Núria Grau will attend you in Barcelona at our headquarters in the Gracia district.

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