Exercises and resources for couples therapy

Are you looking for resources and exercises to improve your relationship? Have you heard about emotional intelligence? Did you know that emotional intelligence is one of the best predictors of the health of your relationship?

Let me tell you first that when we talk about emotional intelligence, we refer to your ability to be conscious, understand and manage your own emotions. But it also includes your ability to recognize the emotions of others and is therefore closely linked to your empathy.

What interests you most is that emotional intelligence can be learned and improved. Obviously, psychological therapy is one way to achieve this and I recommend it if you have tried to make changes without success.

But if this is not your time to start therapy and you are still looking for resources to improve your relationship, I bring you 4 proposals that you can start applying right now. Take a good look:

Learn to get angry without losing your temper

If you lose your temper when you get upset and do or say things that you later regret, you may be irreversibly damaging your relationship.

Set out to solve this through this video course that you can start whenever you want, advancing at your own pace.

10 + 1 guided meditations

Have you heard of mindfulness? An approach to mindfulness meditation includes guided meditations which are a very powerful tool for you to learn how to manage and live your emotions in a more balanced way.

I propose 10 + 1 with titles as suggestive as: Your breath, let yourself rock, heal your heart, the magic eraser, your mind is a lake … so you can find the one that best suits you in every moment.

Test are you in a toxic relationship?

Answer the questions in this test and you will be able to find out whether or not you are in a toxic relationship.

Take your emotional management route

Generally, we don’t need a big effort to know what we’re thinking. But what about your emotions? Do you know how you feel at every moment? Are you able to manage them as you would like?

If the answer is no, Montserrat Roig and Mónica González’s project Serenity Route: a walk through the garden with Serenity will interest you.

And if you prefer us to accompany you, you can book here your session.

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