Couples Therapy Opinions

Here are the opinions and testimonies of some people and couples who have doneouple Therapy in Barcelona, Online Couple Therapy, Individual or Family Therapy. This way you will be able to know how they have lived their therapy, what problems they have faced and what changes they have achieved.

Your impressions and opinions are very important for us as they help us improve day by day. And of course it is very gratifying to see how many people have managed to solve their problems and leave their suffering behind.

If you have done therapy with us and want to share your testimony, you have a form here at the bottom right so you can do it right now. Don’t worry because if you don’t want to, your actual details don’t have to appear, you just have to tell me.


First of all, I would like to thank you, Patricia, for your understanding at all times. Although it is part of your job as a professional, it has made me feel very comfortable and supported at all times, sharing with you very intimate and personal situations, feelings and experiences. We had never done it with anyone before and I think it has been a great help.

I highlight as positive of this therapy, first to have bet both and started this task together and with hope in it. The truth is that except for one or two sessions, we have always come out of them very reinforced and although we touched on delicate subjects, we have come out united and commenting on the subjects in a very positive way.



It’s not that we have improved, it’s just that now with couple therapy the relationship is totally different, much better! The truth is that I never would have imagined that we could have a way out, I didn’t see how, and now I realize that we could!



I consulted for our couple and for the children. I didn’t quite know where I was going. Our family and couple relationship has changed very positively, managing not to reach extreme situations through understanding about each other.

I would recommend it whether the problems are serious or not. It is always a way to grow in relationships. I value the space you have in each session to express yourself and reflect. It’s a good place to talk and listen.



In my case I’ll tell you that we’ve been in therapy for almost a month now and we’re doing pretty well. To our surprise we have already commented twice, we are both pleasantly surprised, by the fact that we have been getting along well for almost a month, with a pleasant coexistence … The trip we made with the girl was great and gave us much life, at least to me. So I thank you very much, I think this time we are putting everything on our side and it shows. I hope that the therapies we have left will help us a little more and 2019 will be the beginning and consolidation of a good future between both. Thank you and congratulations again!



We came in order to solve problems such as, anger issues, not knowing how to stop fights, self-control, acceptance of the other. Us as a couple are much better now, we have learned to notice (identify quickly) when the situation becomes serious and now we have weapons to face it. I have liked having support and guidance to follow either online or physically.




I consulted you because I felt that my relationship was on a tightrope and I wanted to fight to trust us again. I honestly thought that after the session we would most likely end up separating but in a friendly way. It was the separation or renewal of many of the habits we had installed and of which we did not speak from the heart. I managed to appreciate the effort we both make to stay together. I have learned to put myself in the shoes of the person I love and with whom I share my days. I recommend it without a doubt.

I like the way you approach things that destabilize a couple. Your ability to take the weight off everything so you can fix it. Your way of listening and smiling, even getting excited about our domestic problems. Ah! The emails you send are very helpful too.



Hi, Patricia.

My situation is not bad, things are not going badly for me; I have known a person for a year and a half with 4 children, the oldest recently turned 10; for my part, I am the father of an 8 year old girl.

We have a big company ahead of us and we want to do our best, for the children and for ourselves.

We like to read, look for information, and advance carefully at the pace of the little ones. I loved the e-book; thank you very much, it was very useful; I found the answer to what I was looking for in the first three points.

Thank you very much, goodbye.



Hi, Patricia.

It’s a pleasure to read you, I’ve been doing it for a long time and I’ve really benefited from your articles

Congratulations on the quality of your content and the ease with which you explain and give your tips.

Greetings from Mexico



Patricia we wanted to tell you that we are very well and thank you because you have helped us a lot. We have learned many things, and speaking for myself, I have learned to be more aware, more understanding, more tolerant. We are better at talking, negotiating… and even showing appreciation, love and respect. Thank you so much for everything – your work is beautiful because sometimes you can see that you have been able to help people and have an impact on them. Well, of course in our case you have.



We’re here because of a very deep crisis in our relationship. The needs were high and the expectations, part high and part low, but I managed to learn, listen and understand. Without a doubt, the concept of this type of therapy has changed me. Of course, I found you to be a great professional. The ability to see the situation from an unplanned point of view and the conclusions/reasonings of the reasons for those situations. Providing impartiality as well as professionalism has been key in my case. Reviewing everything that has been my therapy, I have felt very comfortable with everything: agenda, “homework”, development of therapy, possibility of adjustment of schedules, etc. My most sincere congratulations Patricia!



I sought help to regain my partner’s confidence and get back on track with my partner. I have learned to try not to be so secretive and to be able to communicate more, working on improving my self-esteem and lack of communication. I’m happy with how everything has worked out.



Actually, going to therapy has helped me both to clarify the situation I was going through and to realize other things that I didn’t know and that were affecting me and my environment. I am very happy to have my life back and to be the one who decides how I want to live it. Don’t be afraid or ashamed, things can always be solved



We found Patricia to be a great professional and without a doubt hiring her services for couples therapy has been one of the best decisions we have made for our future together. She has helped us very successfully to get to know each other better on an individual level, to understand each other as a couple, to overcome our worst problems and to be prepared with the necessary tools to correctly face the difficulties of the future.

Carmen B.


After the birth of my first child, my partner started to stagger. I didn’t know if I should separate or not. I have managed to learn that when one changes one’s attitude, the attitude of the couple can also change…for the better! I like your positive and compositional approach, that nothing is black and white.



Patricia, Angel and I feel that we now understand each other much more and that we are on the right path. Before we couldn’t even talk to each other, but now… If we had any more conflicts, we would start therapy with you again. We thank you for your work and send you a big hug



Hi, Patricia, sorry I’m late. Thank you very much for your help, it has been very very useful and interesting, at first I was a little “scared” because it was something very new for me, but I have felt very comfortable.

We will keep your contact for the future and recommend you to anyone who may need it. Thank you, a hug!



We sought help because the relationship that was worned out I managed to learn to communicate much more with the partner and the children. The talks with Patricia and the flexibility in the therapy schedules have been very helpful



Our problem was that the state of the relationship was not advancing. I wanted to help understand why I couldn’t reconnect with my partner. I learned that my husband could not feel, do, act the way I wanted him to. I learned to communicate about issues without resentment. It was very good. THANK YOU



Patricia, the videos you share with us as part of the therapy are very good. I really think they are things that we should be taught as children so that we don’t have these problems later on. We are really enjoying the help you are giving us. Thank you!



We came here to find a solution to our problems. I was looking for more understanding and ways to enter in a dialogue and it has truly helped me to get to know myself a little better and has worked as a guideline to follow.



The lack of trust in my partner and trusting again was what led us to therapy. We learned to listen and not jump to conclusions. And I’ve learned to try to change the fact that I feel guilty about the actions of others by knowing that I don’t have to take responsibility for all the problems.



My relationship with my partner was at a very critical time and we were not able to get out of it. The truth is, I had very low expectations. Contacting you was a great success and we managed to get out of the ditch and talk about things in a very different way to how we had done until now. You managed to make us understand each other’s reactions or ways of acting. It is very beneficial to have someone outside the couple, somebody impartial to analyze the situation and more if it is a professional like you.


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