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Patricia Maguet Levy

I am Patricia Maguet, clinical psychologist specializing in couples therapy in Barcelona. I’ve been working for real couples like yours for 30 years. I am committed to offering couples who consult us the best tools to help them communicate and understand each other, to enjoy their relationship again and to feel better.

 What is couples therapy and what does it consist of?

Couples therapy is a form of therapy carried out by psychologists that has the purpose of facing any kind of difficulties that may arise in a couple’s relationship.

It consists of a series of sessions, either in person or online, in which both members of the couple, together with the professional, look for ways to face and solve those problems that complicate the relationship. The main objective is to ensure that the relationship is healthy and continues to be a source of support, trust and well-being for both.

Are you looking for a psychologist who can do couples therapy in English?

If so, I imagine you are concerned about whether he or she speaks and understands the language well enough.
Click to watch the video and find out if I might be a good fit for you.

The main couple problems that we address in couples therapy in Barcelona

Communication issues

“We don’t understand each other”,
“We don’t seem to speak the same language”,
“We have comunicación problems“.

These are some of the most common concerns I hear among couples I work with. Lots of misunderstandings that make connection and intimacy more anda more difficult.

Couples therapy will help you learn to communicate and deal with conflicts so that they bring you together instead of distancing you.


Patricia, the videos you share with us as part of the therapy are very good. I really believe that these are things that we should be taught from an early age so that we don’t have these problems later on. We are really enjoying the help you are giving us. Thank you very much!



Infidelity has always been present in our society but nowadays new forms of betrayal have emerged (through chats, social networks, online pages…) that make this issue even more complex to deal with.

The consequences on your relationship can be devastating. Couples therapy can help you to rebuild your confidence and reestablish your relationship.

Jealousy and insecurity 

Are you afraid your partner might cheat on you? Do you need to know who he is with or what she is doing at all times? 

Insecurity and jealousy can appear temporarily as a result of infidelity or a critical period.

But if you find it hard to handle and your need to control your partner is undermining your relationship, it’s time to ask for help.

Frequent discussions

Conflict is part of any human relationship and therefore also part of your relationship with your partner.

If you notice that your differences are growing, that discussions are becoming more frequent and that you are about to or have already crossed some red lines, do not hesitate to seek professional help. It is possible to learn how to handle conflicts in a constructive and less harmful way for both you and your children.

Sexual problems

Do you feel that you and your partner have different rhythms and needs?
Has your sex life faded since you’ve been a parent?
Do you find it difficult to talk openly about this topic?

Your sex life is exactly what differentiates a friendship from a relationship. Any difference or lack of connection you have in this area is important that it can be resolved so that you don’t feel distant and unsatisfied in your relationship.

Problems with in laws

This is perhaps one of the couple’s problems that is least talked about but that marks some relationships very much.
Our family of origin is usually very important. When the relationship between them and our partner not only does not flow but is a source of tension and discomfort, the suffering can be enormous.


Grudge and resentment may also have become a major obstacle between you.

The disappointment you may have experienced if your partner has failed you at a time when you needed her or him, can leave a very difficult mark to erase.
Pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing, a serious health problem, economic difficulties…
When life puts you to the test and you cannot face it as a team, it is a good idea to ask for help to be able to forgive and move on.

After the birth of my first child my relationship started to waver. I didn’t know whether I should divorce or not. I have managed to learn that when you change your attitude, your partner’s attitude can also change…. for good!
I like your positive and composing approach, that nothing is black and white.


Doubts about the future of the relationship

If you find yourself at a crossroads where you no longer know if there is a real chance of saving your relationship, it is a good idea to ask for professional help.

We can help you obtain a wider view of the situation, to have a clearer idea of what you should do to recover your relationship. And also to find out if you still have the strength and motivation to make changes or if it is maybe too late for you.

Emotional dependence or abuse 

If you have come to disrespect, insult or even physical, psychological or sexual abuse, we strongly recommend that you seek professional help.

Emotional dependence can make it difficult for you to leave the relationship. Or perhaps there are other reasons behind it. But clearly you need to find a way to protect yourself and stop hurting yourself.

Maybe you are asking yourself some of these questions…

What do you do in couples therapy?

I’m sure you’ve seen images of psychological therapy more than once in a movie or on a TV show. They are sequences that often bear little resemblance to what happens in reality.

I don’t use a couch and my first objective is to get to know you better. To do this we will talk about what worries you most at the moment and how you have decided to seek help. It will also be very important to find out what you have tried so far to resolve your differences so that you are clear about what has not worked. With all this information, we will be able to begin to understand what is happening and to start looking for new ways to face it through dialogue, practical proposals, training in new skills…

How can couples therapy help me?

The most ambitious goal of couples therapy is to help you build trust in each other.

That trust that you’ve probably had at other times in your relationship. The trust that will make you feel that your relationship is solid, that you are friends again and that you can enjoy your sexual intimacy

Couples therapy can promote the return of a healthy communication. Making couples talk, seeking understanding instead of conflict is a cornerstone for couples therapy. it can also help recognizing the differences and similarities of you as individuals and regain that trust that allows you to know that you can count on each other, that you have unconditional mutual support. In short, it’s all about overcoming turbulent times to enjoy a healthier and happier relationship.

How do I know if I need couples therapy?

As a general rule, if there are any difficulties between you and you are unable to overcome them yourselves, it is a good time for a consult.

I always like to make the equivalent of visiting a doctor. If you have a pain or discomfort you usually find a way to manage it. If after a few days you don’t make it, you consult a doctor. When you seek help early for a health problem you may find a simpler remedy than if you take months or years to seek for help.

The same is true for couples’ psychologists. Studies tell us that it takes couples an average of 7 years to seek help from the time they start having difficulties. And after all that time, for some it may be too late.

Don’t let this happen to your relationship and consult as soon as possible.

What can I do if my partner doesn’t want to come?

Let me give you some clues that might work for you:

  • Try to bring it up in a calm moment and not in the middle of a discussion.
  • Propose it not as a threat but as something constructive that you believe can be good for the relationship.

In any case, if your partner does not see clearly and you feel you need help, ask for individual help. It’ll be a good way to get change going

Where to go for couples therapy in Barcelona?

You can go to couples therapy in Barcelona at our headquarters in the Gracia district.

Remember that we can also attend you in El Vendrell (Tarragona) as well as online.

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Patricia Maguet Levy

I am Patricia Maguet, clinical psychologist and expert in couple and family relationships. I work with real couples, like yours, to help you find the solutions you need to enjoy your relationship again.


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